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Hi, I’m Milka - a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ and Professional Speaker based in the Greater Toronto Area. As a holistic nutrition and wellness speaker, I guide people in gaining better health through diet and lifestyle changes. The "holistic" part means taking a look your whole picture - body, mind, and energy - to help you achieve optimal health and well-being.


​I came upon this path of becoming a holistic nutritionist in a bit of a roundabout way. I loved food and cooking from an early age (always in the kitchen watching mom or grandma cook). I even went as far as pretending to host a cooking show as a kid. It was a “back to basics” sort of approach where I would do things like cut up processed cheese slices into tiny squares with a small butter knife because that was all I was allowed to use lol. Embarrassing…yes for sure, but sharing is caring!


By the time I was a teen, I moved beyond those processed cheese slices and began to do real cooking and baking. I also took over the family meal planning and started creating different recipes. But, when it came to picking a career path, I put my culinary pursuits on the back burner and chose to take a “practical” route by going to university and starting a career in market research. I enjoyed the field for many years, but I had this feeling that something was missing – a sense of greater satisfaction and fulfillment of some sort.


​Then came a major turning point – my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. My world turned upside down. I was with her at the doctor’s office the day she was diagnosed. This was one of the most surreal moments of my life. Eventually, I took a leap of faith and quit my job so that I could be with my mom as she was going through her treatment. The good news is that my mom recovered! As she started getting healthier, I began to reflect and to question my life’s purpose and what I should do next.

In an interesting series of events (I will spare you the details), I ended up going back to school (I did not see that one coming!). I enrolled in the Holistic Nutrition program at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. For me holistic nutrition is a perfect marriage between my love for helping others and for all things culinary. While in school, I learned the extent to which our diet and lifestyle impacts our health. Basically, our health is entirely dependent upon the diet and lifestyle choices we each make. As I made better diet and lifestyle choices based on what I learned, I noticed my lingering health issues went away. I also saw a reduction in my feelings of stress, increases in my energy level, and a general sense of feeling great. Let me show you how to do it too!

I have tremendous gratitude to God/the Universe/Source Energy (whichever name you want to use...there are a thousand more) for blessing me with this opportunity and directing me on this path. I hope I can show my appreciation in some way by helping others discover how they can lead more fulfilling and energetic lives. Let’s do this together!



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Milka is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist serving the Greater Toronto Area


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