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Client raves and testimonials about
Nutrition & Wellness Speaker, Milka Milicevic

My presentations and workshops are interactive, engaging, fun, and motivating. I can help make your next team meeting or corporate event a success!

“Milka gave a 3 part series of events at the Steelcase showroom. The series was both information sharing and experience based on the topic of Well-being. We covered the emotional, physical and cognitive health as it relates to mindful eating, sugar consumption and taste properties.


Milka has a calm and soothing personality with the approach of offering holistic nutrition research so that her audience can make  informed decisions for their food and stimulation intake.


The series was well received and I would highly recommend Milka for similar events.”

/// Lisa MacVicar, Steelcase Workplace Consultant

“I have had the pleasure of working with Milka since March 2017 coordinating in-store tours for our Nutritional Tour Program at Farm Boy Alderwood (Etobicoke). Not only is she an absolute pleasure to work with, always positive and willing to assist in any way she can but her tours are some of the most well attended tours within the program. Milka’s tour topics are consistently innovative and informative and always relevant to our customer base. Any experience I have had working with Milka, has always been impressive and professional."

/// Rachel Paré, Community and Events Manager, Farm Boy Company Inc.

“Thank you for presenting on 'Nutrition in our Golden Years' at the Don Mills Branch, Toronto Public Library. Your presentation touched upon several  aspects of eating (well), including the importance of chewing consciously and the benefits of sharing meals together. The attendees had many questions for you, some more personal than others, and you answered them all both patiently and professionally. There were many happy faces in the auditorium on Friday!"

/// Diana Voicu, Librarian, Toronto Public Library

“I have been attending Milka's seminars at Farm Boy for several months now, have learned so much in a fun manner.  Milka always presents interesting facts and provides interesting newsletters to make notes on and recipes to try out.


The groups keep getting larger and we all leave more positive and knowledgeable.  She creates a positive atmosphere that allows us to interrupt and share. Milka is always there to listen, guide us and help understand the changes we might want to try to stay healthier.


Thank you Milka.........always look forward to learning."

/// Kateryna Husband, Toronto

A sample of my clients includes:

  • Farm Boy (15x)

  • Steelcase (3x)

  • YogaSpiritus (6x)

  • Toronto Public Library (2x)

  • GOOD Grains

  • Ernestine's Women's Shelter

My health & wellness presentations and workshops deliver a perfect blend between

information, education, and audience participation. And each presentation is built on the classic, age-old philosophy of “sound mind, sound body”.

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