How I Went From a Corporate Job to Becoming a Holistic Nutritionist

Change is unavoidable and if we struggle against it we end up creating problems for ourselves and life just doesn’t flow smoothly. Sometimes the “worst” changes in our lives bring us to the greatest epiphanies and spurs the biggest growth in us. And while we may fear the unknown aspect of change, what’s the alternative? We truly can’t hide from it, so it becomes an opportunity to practice faith in ourselves and a knowingness that no matter what, we’re okay – all is well.

This brings me to the story of how I became a Holistic Nutritionist.

I was working in the corporate world as a Market Researcher, which fit the expectations of where I thought a university graduate, like myself, should be. I’d hear about others quitting their jobs to pursue their passions and my first reaction would be scorn – thinking it’ll probably be a big mistake that they’ll regret. But in the back of my mind, there were feelings of jealousy and despondence that I wasn’t prepared to admit to at that time. I didn’t want to acknowledge the deep unhappiness within me because I thought that I didn’t deserve to feel that way. Also, I feared change. I couldn’t see what was beyond this corporate job, so I was afraid and assuming all negative outcomes (i.e. loss of paycheque/not being able to pay my bills, loss in status, others looking down on me, etc.). Plus, the biggest thing is that I didn’t take time to reflect on my passions. I didn’t know what I wanted my life to be or how to go about attaining that. So, I kept on plugging away thinking that this was just how it’s supposed to be. Then things changed.

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and it took the entire family for a tailspin. We all dealt with it in our own way. In me, it brought forward my nurturing side in a big way. I felt it was my duty to take care of my mom, but this gave rise to tension between my personal life and work life. I was resisting change. I was beginning to ask big questions though – What’s the purpose of life? Are we meant to feel a constant unhappiness throughout our lives and then just die? What would be the point in that?

I wasn’t willing to take that leap of faith into the “unknown”. But these big questions were swirling around in my mind, which ultimately lead me to surrendering “control” to God. This letting go actually gave me a wonderful sense of peace and freedom.

Shortly thereafter, I spoke to my family about the possibility of me quitting and they were super supportive! They agreed it was the best thing for me to do for my own health and happiness, as well as, for the family. The day I quit my job, I still had trepidation going into it, but I went for it and spoke to my manager. The outcome couldn’t have turned out better. My manager was very understanding and supportive, as was the entire team. Another wave of relief swept over me and I felt as though a giant weight lifted off of my shoulders.

I spent the next little while taking my mom to her treatments and caring for her as she recovered. Once I saw that she was on the road to health, I began to give serious focus to learning more about myself, going within as it were. I was learning how to trust myself and my intuition. At this point I still didn’t know where this path was leading me; however, I knew this was an important time for me to engage in deep reflection, so I had faith in the process.

I was praying for guidance over this period and Divine Intelligence stepped in at the right time. One day, a friend mentioned that I should consider becoming a Holistic Nutritionist. I’d never even heard of that before. So, that same day, I did a Google search and found out what a Holistic Nutritionist is and I was excited – this was right up my alley! It fit my passions, strengths, and skills perfectly. I did a bit more research into schools that offer this program, and enrolled at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition shortly afterwards. As I stopped resisting change, my life began to flow smoother. This whole chapter was a big lesson for me in embracing change and trusting in life.

How do you feel about change? Were there any changes in your life (big or small) that now in hindsight you see as blessings that acted as means for your growth? I’d love to hear your thoughts and story, and any comments or feedback you’d like to share with me below. Or feel free to email me at:

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